Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More art projects from "Full Circle"

Twelve weeks of inspiration and bliss!  I especially miss the Monday morning videos, but Misty Mawn's class will be available for quite some time.
I finally finished my puppet!  She grew to almost 4 feet tall.  It was a rainy day.   If she were heavier cardboard I could hang a sweater on her.  With paper fasteners holding her together, she can easily be repositioned!

I always intended to make another wall hanging so here it is.   This time I used 12 inch dowels.   Easy to find in a craft store.   I had been cutting out and painting circles and piled up a few.  Some I stamped, collaged and Zentangled.   But I love the bright colors of the acrylic ink I dropped onto wet paper and let it run.

Steampunk Art Journal

Somewhere in time, or just this year,  I discovered steampunk.  From surfing the internet,  looking at paintings, art journals and handmade dolls.  Now I realize it was really far from new,  it could be traced back to Victorian writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.  The other night on an episode of "Warehouse 13,  steampunk was mentioned.   I had a journal with coarse heavy paper that I wasn't using,  so I painted and collaged, building up the background.   Then I went back and started writing,  the robot girl inspired me to tell a story.  I wrote quickly, enjoying it as it became sillier as I went along.   
These are some of the pages!  

I made the man with the hat stamp.  I cut up a bird pix from a magazine, and printed out pictures of clocks and compasses.  The man on the right was from a value study of a painting by Van Gogh.  

I made more stamps, and distressed the paper.  It had a happy ending.