Sunday, June 22, 2014

Upcoming Library Art Journaling classes for teens.

I'm extremely excited and  happy to be working with the Sachem Public Library again to offer art classes for teens in nature, themed, and steampunk.  In preparing for the classes I got together some of the journals I've done in the last five years. I can't pinpoint when I started art journaling.  I guess I started slowly, doodling in the margins of written journals, and occasionally adding color.
 I had taken classes in watercolor and collage and afterwards began to do more and more collage.  I found artists on flicker, in magazines and books like Teesha Moore, Violette Clark and Pam Carriker, as well as many others.  My first online class was with Cathy Johnson whose work I first saw years ago in Country Living magazine,  and am still in awe of.

Some of my nature journals.

Themed.   Dream, Affirmation, Junk- you name it!


I love carving my own stamps and I've tried sketching some steampunk characters and put them in a story.  

Paintings from Kate Thompson's Fractured Angelics e course

It wasn't long after taking Misty Mawn's class that I needed to jump into another online art class.  Fortunately I found Kate Thompson's Fractured Angelics.

I've always loved the Michaelangelo,  Raphael and DaVinci's painting of angels.  Besides in this course I'm also using the modeling paste I bought for Michael DeMeng's class to cover the wood panels. After the first coat of modeling paste (or next time I might buy the joint compound instead) dried, collage papers and stamping can be applied.  Kate's videos are well done and I watch them repeatedly.  I hadn't painted with re-inkers before!

This is the first angel, I used a painting by Abbott Henderson Thayer for a reference.  I'm just starting to use Pinterest  and found so many beautiful paintings.

This was done on a 12 x 12 panel I already had.  When I got the 16 x 16 I added more and more.

Here's the sketch for the last angel using "Psyche" by Nikolas Gyzis for reference and a cherub by Francois Boucher.
I don't know why I just didn't stay with the photo, the profile gave me enough trouble.  I'd lose the hair and flowers, and definitely I need to sketch more.   Hoping to go see the Pre-Raphaelites exhibit in NY at the Met soon.