Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Acrylic, Gouache and Collage Art Journal Page

One of my most favorite artists, Roz Stendahl,  rozwoundup.typepad.com does beautiful gouache work in her journals.
I was looking for some inspiration yesterday and found some of her you-tube videos that I hadn't seen.
I loved her latest journal from the 2013 Fake Journal.  The 2014 begins in April, (www.officialinternationalfakejournalblog.blogspot.com
I looked up one of my favorite shows on you-tube, stopped at spots  I like and tried different sketches with the Pentel brush pen.  Eventually I did one I was happy with and cut it out.  Then I painted it with gouache after I glued it onto the page.

I had already done a background page in acrylic.   I stamped the flowers and then filled them in with paint, it took awhile, I had fun doing it.    The Prince and his bride seemed a perfect fit for the background.

Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

I couldn't find a large cogwheel for a steampunk page,  but I had one more piece of Dick Blick ready-cut plate.  I liked the zipper for a mouth.  Have to remember that in case I sew up a steampunk doll. After I took the photo I was able to slip a needle and thread under the snowman's neck to attach the two metal arms.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pop-up page

I joined Teesha Moore's Astronauts Club recently and there are lots of videos to watch.  After watching  the one on pop-up books I set out to do my own.  Pop-up books are fascinating.   I  haven't quite got the hang of it, still figuring out how to fold it so it pops up easily.
I was so engrossed in the pop-up dilemma, I spelled scissors wrong and didn't notice it.  Henry pointed it out (English major).

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Steampunk Art Journaling

I first saw the steampunk art of michelelynchart.com in Art Doll magazine Nov/Dec/Jan 2012,  I loved the expressions on her dolls and the use of vintage items.  
Years ago I tried my hand at sewing my own Raggedy Ann dolls, every piece from scratch, and it took several days.  I thought that was the last of my doll making days until recently.
After painting background pages in a new journal I had made, I sketched a few dolls, copied them on my inkjet printer and started a steampunk page.

I googled the clock faces and cut one out for her dress.  I had painted borders and made copies.
I cannabalized a musical greeting card that reminded me of huge headphones.   Then I gave her a friend,  would've like a real zipper for her clothes.  But another clock face doubled for a hat.

I'm nuts about steampunk- for now!   Dolls in the future.  Thank you, Michele Lynch