Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lifebook 2015

      My first year with Lifebook and it's already far exceeded my expectations.  Although I rarely have taken an online art class and been disappointed,  we're only in the second week and I love it.
I'm sorry I didn't join sooner!

The warmup exercise for the first week.  I'll probably use this for the cover at the end of the year.
In the envelope I've written my intentions for the new year.

I haven't gotten to the second assignment for the week,  the "Beacon of Light".  Instead I painted over a gessoed page in an old textbook.   She sort of is a beacon.

Making tags.   I cut up watercolor paper and worked in several mediums.  A few I had already 
painted in watercolor and scrunched up plastic wrap.   The rest were in fluid acrylics.   I used doilies and old greeting cards for stencils, and a few stamps.     A couple of the seashells were local.  I enhanced a lot of the white doily areas mostly with a white Sharpie poster paint.   I'll probably write more on these, and make another batch. Now to get more ribbon and change the raffia.

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