Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Very Happy New Year here

With moving to Florida I fell way behind in 2015.  Art supplies got packed up and put in storage and we stayed in a lovely rental near the beach for four months.  I haven't posted in nearly a year so it's about time.

Starting fresh, 2015 is a bit of a blur now.  I may have overdone it but I've signed up for 5 online classes already.  I was very art deprived.  3 are a full year, 1 is til May, and 1 just 2 wks.
LifeBook 2016 and Let's Face it 2016  have a new lesson on Monday, both are a year.
Wanderlust and LoveArt ECourse (til May) are on Friday.
Jeanne Oliver's Art Journaling 2 wk class starts Jan 18.
I have index cards on the bulletin board overhead to keep track of everything.

I think was a warm up.  I used magazine pix for collage.
Still warming up in an old textbook.
I'd watched the first 2 videos on Lifebook and LoveArtE Course and was drawn to Klimt again

Caught up now with Let's Face it first 2 wks, and I am feeling very happy with how this came out.
I'm learning from all the teachers and their helpful hints and videos.  I think it's going to be a great year!

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